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The working trading week on the cryptocurrency market is coming to an end. The trading situation hints at the continuation of the cryptocurrency market correction over the weekend. Therefore, today, while we are sitting in USDT and waiting for new signals from the market, we will summarize the trading results in our trade marathon for the last two weeks. Whoever hears about our trade marathon for the first time - we will leave a link for review:

So, during these two weeks we had 2 trading situations, one losing and one profitable. Within these trading situations, we opened 10 positions, of which 6 were unprofitable and 4 were profitable. However, even such statistics brought us a good profit over these two weeks.

The first trading situation - logic and result

After the successful close of trading on 11-12 August, we decided to pause until Monday, since the weakness of buyers and a high probability of correction were noticeable on the chart. Considering that some of our past trades were knocked out by profitable stops and prices did not reach take profits, this decision was more than logical. Who has not seen our previous statistics of the trade marathon - move to the following pages:

The active daily candle on 13 August, thanks to which buyers were able to raise the BTC price by 8% and update the local high, made us think about finding a new entry point for the local long. In addition, the weakness of sellers on the weekend on 14-15 August showed that such a long has a high chance of success.

Though, globally, the situation on the BTC market has not changed and the chance for the start of a sharp correction still remained. Therefore, in order not to miss a potential trading situation and at the same time to avoid high risks, we were looking for trades with short stops of 3-5%. You will agree that for a medium-term trade, these are rather short stops, given that we selected altcoins.

Of all the cryptocurrencies, we selected exactly those that showed a breakdown of an important level and were currently trying to fix above it. Or the price was in consolidation before breaking through an important level upwards. Our choice settled on cryptocurrencies YFII, FIL, ALICE, XVS, XMR and SAND. Looking ahead, let us say that all these positions turned out to be unprofitable and were triggered by stop orders. The entrance to each of the cryptocurrencies was 10% of the entire deposit.

YFIIUSDT - The entry was within the consolidation, closer to the lower limit. A short stop loss is below the consolidation. Our target was calculated so that in this consolidation, buyers accumulate strength for a new impulse, therefore, it is not reasonable to exchange for a couple of percent in such a trading situation.

FIL - on the chart, we see the consolidation of the Filecoin price before breaking $75. In such a situation, the stop could be set even shorter. But given our target and the profit-to-loss ratio, we decided to give a little more room to the FIL price for movements.

ALICE cryptocurrency at the time of our first entry into the position has not yet shown its strength and consolidated in a triangle. ALICE looked a little worse than FILUSDT on the local timeframe, but its global prospects remained great. However, this time we got a small loss in the form of a stop order:

The XMR forecast within this trading situation was similar to YFII. The price was fixing above the $271 level with the prospect of continued growth. Though, at that moment the market was not yet ready for an upward impulse:

The XVS cryptocurrency has broken the important level of $35 and has already created a local consolidation above this level in order to continue its growth. In the event of a mistake, we could get a short stop, but the prospect of a new impulse was really great. It was by this logic that we entered this position:

The unprofitable series of trades is completed by the SAND cryptocurrency. According to the entry logic, this cryptocurrency is similar to YFII.

In general, this trading situation brought a loss of 3% to our deposit. This is a perfectly acceptable level of loss for the week, which allows entry into another trading situation. In the next trading situation, we could not exceed the loss of 3%, since the total loss for the week should not exceed 5-6%.

The second trading situation of the trade marathon

In the next trading situation, which started 2 days later, on 19 August, we chose ALICE YFII REEF NEO cryptocurrencies. Positions were also entered with 10% of the deposit. The closing of the daily Bitcoin candle on 18 August gave a clear signal for a new local growth wave.

ALICEUSDT - The re-entry to this coin two days later was quite successful. Having entered a trade in the $11.76 range in a short period of time, we managed to catch 38% growth of the ALICE cryptocurrency:
In fact, one trade covered all the previous stops and still made a profit.

YFII - this time we closed in profit but with a stop. The price did not reach our target. Before the weekend, we slipped stops as high as possible so as not to give the earned potential profit to the market:

The NEO cryptocurrency did not meet our expectations and the price did not reach our target within the local trading situation. We took profit on this trade, but also on the stop:
The stop was substituted outside of the consolidation. Considering the situation in the crypto market, when the correction can begin as powerfully as in May, we decided to reinsure our profits and choose bird in the hand.

The REEF trade completes our trading situation. Having bought a cryptocurrency in a local consolidation, we managed to catch 27% of the price movement up:
Within the framework of this trading situation, we made +8% to the deposit. If we take into account 2 more long-term positions that we closed with a profit, the result of the marathon for these 2 weeks is +8%. Moreover, this week we did not enter new positions, since the market is weak. Of course, if the position size was increased in these trading situations, much more profit could be taken. Nevertheless, our trade marathon is designed for medium and large deposits and this ratio of profitability to loss is more than successful.
We hope this information will be useful to you. How did your two trading weeks pass? Write your results in the comments and share your thoughts!

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