BTC GLOBAL TREND TA: Part I (The Force Awakens)

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Hi guys!
Seems my previous warn about upcoming downtrend is coming true.
The only mistake is that dip was delayed a bit, than I have expected. (Posted about it on my telegram channel)

Before starting would like to clarify several points on my TA:
Two red lines are upper borders of local and global downtrend channels.
Green line is a lower border of local uptrend channel .
Yellow line is a level which was appeared on D1 TF by EMA200 and held rising of BTC .

So, what we have for now:
1. BTC broke through the upper border global downtrend channel , but couldnt consolidate there and fell down back to inside of the global downtrend channel .

2. Then BTC broke through the lower border of local uptrend channel and created new local downtrend channel .

3. Today BTC tried to break through the upper border of local downtrend channel , but with no chance and now its going down.

And for now I dont see any strong support levels before 8200$. Maybe 9000$ can reflect BTC up, but it will only delay the further falling.
Also there is some small chance that BTC can rise till 10000$ one more time.

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