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It has been a long time since my last post here and today I have decided to share this BTC idea with all of you.
Before you jump to conclusion, I will like to point out that these moves are not an ABC nor Elliot Wave .
I just wanted to point out the BTC moves so far, and for me it looks something like : BTC in a mirror in slow mottion or like I mention in the tittle : BTC Deja-Vu !!!

I can't wait to see how this is going to play out for BTC!

Buy, Sell or Wait it's up to you and only you!! Stay safe and happy trading!
Comment: BTC is in a tough spot right now, but it seems that the Deja-Vu idea it's taking the right direction!
Here is a little update:

Comment: BTC to 12200 area! A deja-vu in 4 Steps!
No matter what kind of trading indicators you are using, the best tool for trading is always.... Deja-vu indicator!!!

Next stop: 10900 area with a possible retracement to the 10600 area. If that area holds, there is a good chance that BTC will move up to the 12200 Zone!
Comment: Important zone to watch:
The 10350 is now a support/resistance area, and I am interested if this area will hold and act as a support area! If this zone is acting as a strong support, then the price will likely move up to the 10900 zone! Let's see what happens!

Feel free to comment/share your thoughts and ideas!
Trade active: It seems that the 10350-10400 was acting as a strong support and the price bounced from there. Next, I think that BTC could easily hit 10900 area!
Comment: BTC just hit 10900! This was a sick spike!
Trade closed: target reached


awesome call :)
Damn. That's impressive.
@trenncost, I love those deja-vu moves! :D
Very nice analysis. Right on many points. Thanks for sharing
@Bitcoinblue, Thanks a lot. I am just finishing an update for this idea! Glad you like it!
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