Just another prediction on Crypto.

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So if close today > 18865 then btc future is good. Volume in futures is good, pa is following just like the forex/stock market, regulation/legislation looks good, paypal implementation is always a plus, whole crypto market should follow suit IF still tied to bitcoin , which appears like it is, just a bit delayed, but more on the specific cryptos, namingly some of the popular ones being neo, eth, xrp, etc all for their own individual reasons.

Either way, current pa, above 19800area close on daily->weekly-> monthly is amazing, baring in mind, anything above 13850 is good, on this specific day in time, and that anything above 18865 is good in terms of bitcoins previous highs of all time closes/opens, we're gonna say here that bitcoin has a good future aslong as there is no market manipulation, which is unlikely as it seems to be distributed well enough.

I'd invest, but this isn't financial advice.

You can check my previous analysis from 2019 on the crypto market to backtest my credibility.

The magic number of 20k, i would assume, is to be hit either today or tomorrow, if not then within december, maybe even on a significant day like Dec 24th,25th,NYE,NY but judging by the current momentum of things, it's definutely looking good and all of the signals you would like to see seem to be playing ball for Bitcoin , the mother of all cryptos, however, i would also check the price movements of the eth token and all of that, maybe cross comparison it on binance to see the ATH is about 4.2 yfibtc, or ironically, 42, the answer of life, the universe, and everything else...

Ill leave it to you guys,
But please message me if you want to talk about any ideas.

So to summarize, if break through of 19800 area significantly w no rejection, expect a nice return on your investment/s.
Comment: By this, btw, i mean on the monthly time scales, the more longer term if you like.
Weekly's will follow suit and the smaller will show you what's happening, but generally, its looking very good with the news around it and so much good positive news, its almost as if the banks are buying it x)