Bitcoin update 30.07

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
After BTC not breaking the resistance of 41k we see a correction, I expect to enter the market at 38.2 -50% fibo.
After that, if we break the blue resistance line we could see 42800-46800

Addresses holding between 100 and 10,000 BTC have just reached a combined AllTimeHigh 9.19 million coins. They have added another 170,000 BTC since 22 May and a staggering 130,000 BTC in the last 4 weeks alone.

Best regards EXCAVO
Comment: The number of active addresses in the Bitcoin network has grown sharply

Glassnode recorded a 30% rise in active addresses on the Bitcoin network last week. The value increased from 250,000 to 325,000. A similar figure was observed in July 2020, when BTC was worth about $ 11,300.
Comment: 500 likes and I will post next BTCUSDT idea

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thank you for you updates.
200 coins
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I doubt this is going as you predict.
I think this short squeeze was the cleanup/spring before another major leg down to 24-25k
Uh and those whales accumulating coins are actually part of the Cartel doing the market manipulation with the stablecoins. I'd say those are exchanges and market makers and I'm confident they're not buying with real money.
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AdrianZen y01004750
@y01004750, nailed it, Brother. Tether needs to go down.
@y01004750, I got dumber just reading this
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y01004750 moononwaterfall
@moononwaterfall, I don't even wonder
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kovenant y01004750
@y01004750, This. Let the nab moonboyz and laser eyes suffer...
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Allec y01004750
@y01004750, yes you doubt!!
maggie_b y01004750
@y01004750, so much bearish sentiments, i will wait
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@y01004750, Well that idea aged like milk.
I expect these coins to be used to completely crash the market below 25k once everyone turns bullish at 43k+

Also, we are still within the range, so that panic attack can also happen from here. Wait & see as usual.
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