How to short Bitcoin in a bull market using these indicators

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First things first, Happy Easter everyone! Here is my Easter surprise for you all. I was going to make this analysis private but figured given the current climate around the world, some festive spirit was required, so here is an analysis you must follow.
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As you can see on this 4hour chart of BTC , I use several indicators to show how when these indicators are used together you can sell or short bitcoin at a success rate of 92.98% (what else did you expect from the most accurate crypto analyst on the planet with a chart analysis success rate of over 90%?, this includes the many extra trades privately published elsewhere).

The trick is to know when to take profit and not be a greedy little pig. Use a stop loss or monitor your trades is my advice.

Indicators used are:
Bollinger Bands
EMA 233
EMA 300
MA 200

If you zoom in on the chart you will see small green circles whenever the candle pierced above the Bollinger Band (yellow band). There is also 4 purple circles on the chart where the candle pierced the band but kept increasing in price. The grey price ranges shown are those times when BTC price increased as per the purple circles.

The orange down arrows show where on the RSI it went above the red horizontal line and every time it did this you made money shorting BTC also.
The blue up arrows show where on the RSI it hit the green horizontal line. This is where you long or spot buy BTC .

The light blue horizontal line on the chart is major support for BTC .

The EMA 233 and 300 along with the MA 200 shows how these moving averages are used as a support for BTC in the bull market.

Happy trading legends!


Check out my analysis below to confirm my strike rate.
Most correct analyst on Trading View, oh........ and earth!
Comment: Just thought I'd mention if you want to increase your trading skills I suggest you implement my most commonly used indicators like EMA/MA's, BB, Ichimoku, LMACD, RSI. If you have only a free TV account you will require 2 different exchange charts on the one crypto coin market to cover all these angles. Also, always good to setup an alert on the buy and sell areas I show in videos so TV send you an email when it hits this area and you know to buy or sell. I use Fibonacci sequence alot in crypto trading as per my Twitter explanation. for more analysis with my current record of over 93% correct.

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