BTC UPDATE 17.03.2018

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
Yellow trend line has been running since 2017 and has never broke through its way down. This factor is crucial at first glance. After all, if the price goes below - this will indicate a break of the strong uptrend. And if the "whales" do not want to spend 2018 in a dull downtrend, which will mean a loss of the bulk of "hamsters" who simply leave the market and will be very difficult to bring them back again into the market, inspire confidence in this market, which can take another half of 2019. This means that they SHOULD NOT allow the dropfall below this trend line!

- But let's imagine that they still have another "plan B" and then their goal will be without any doubt the area 5000$-4500$. There is a "different trend line" and the most remarkable is that there is a magnet in that zone.
And the magnet is a Murray's level of 5000$, which was pierced from bottom to up on 11th of OCT, 2017, but after no one was tested from top to down. And this is by the laws of the market is absolutely necessary! Then I was very surprised that the price on 12th of NOV fell down but reached only 5400$ and turned around to up! I was waiting for a test of this level after 8000$, after 10000$ and after 11750$, but with no results! The BTC then was pumped up by the news, on the unlimited emission of Tether (USDT) and the level at 5000$ already seemed recorded in history and ahead at the horizon many traders already saw 50000$)

- I hope that Murray's level of 5000$ will remain in history, but the regularity of the market is whispering me the opposite things.

The saddest thing is that as soon as others bulk of traders will understand this the megadump will begin. And I'm sure that 2018 will not glad us with any Xs anymore. Forget about 20k$ price per BTC and even 15k$ and even 10k$. There will be dropdown to 3k$-2k$ or will be annual market flat without any profits for all of us. It will be classical pyramid, if say mathematically, and all will remember this, the trust to the crypto investment will be fucked up for a long time.

BTC should fall lower, it has to return back above 10k$ before the end of MAR and should start to gain strength for another ride to up, otherwise the fuck up will come!

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