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obvi not financial advice (are you HIGH??), just been posting sketches here mostly bc i need the help keeping track of them lol

just eyeballed the top circle here, thinking i should disregard wicks (which is what i usually do when i draw regular fibs/i make them so the wicks are 1.09 or 1.128), then when i clicked my 'square roots' template, saw .707 (square root of .5, and also half of square root of 2....1.414 is sort of like the 1.618 of squares re: self-similarity/fractals btw, bradley f cowan explains it pretty well) and .886 (square root of .786) called the wicks. THRILLING STUFF, felt cute might delete

i added 3.14 for funsies bc sorry not sorry...pi cycle is real and pi is important. i mean we're talking cycles here, cmon. we're on the pi arc now, and the horizontal tangent (bottom) makes sense too

when you get similar ideas at different ratios i don't think that's flip-flopping btw, it's confluence/recursion

bullish on fresh air, sunshine, and hydration this week

was recently gifted w/Bradley F Cowan, highly HIGHLY recommend along with other gurus:
michael s jenkins
gann (astro just as time cycles, not necessarily w/meaning ascribed bc that's a whole can of worms)
jim bartelloni
larry pesavento
candleboxAI and gannjourneyman


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