⚛️Review of the CryptoGPT(GPT) Project!!!⚛️

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Hello, today, let's review one of the cryptocurrency projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence(AI)🤖 from the fundamental point of view.

The reason for choosing this field is people's high acceptance of artificial intelligence🤖 in the new year; cryptocurrency projects also use this opportunity, but always check any project before investing💎.

Today's project name is ⚛️CryptoGPT(GPT)⚛️.

As I have said before, I evaluate crypto projects based on various factors.👇

I have already introduced each of these factors with a brief explanation, so today, I will be looking at CryptoGPT(GPT).

🔥Let’s get into it:


Project Goals: CryptoGPT is introduced as a ZK Layer-2, allowing you to monetize your data with AI. Well, first of all, GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which is basically how an AI language like ChatGPT gets massive databases pre-trained to enhance its services. So CryptoGPT is no more related to ChatGPT than being a rip-off chasing the hype around ChatGPT. Also, well-known L2s like Arbitrum and Optimism launched their tokens after their Mainnets were up and running when the users required governance control. Whereas CryptoGPT has launched its $GPT token already and states in its roadmap that the Layer-2 Mainnet Beta will launch in Q4 of 2023. So $GPT is currently no more than an ERC-20 token. The clout chasing done by this project has made our experts score the CryptoGPT project goals 2/10.

Founders: There is little information about the founders of CryptoGPT. On their main website, Jamila Jelani is listed as part of the marketing team, whereas on some unofficial websites, she's introduced as the project's founder. CryptoGPT provides an AI language model called Alex, and when I asked Alex about the founders of CryptoGPT, I got the answer: "I'm sorry, but I don't have that information. However, you can visit the CryptoGPT website or do a quick online search to find the founders' names."
The fact that there is no proper information about the project's founders and the website owner is using a service to hide their identity is a huge red flag, so I have scored CryptoGPT's founders 1/10.

Github: The project claims to be an AI-to-earn just like the play-to-earn games that were hyped in the crypto space during the end of 2021. Basically, how this works, according to the CryptoGPT website, is that you can turn your daily activities into data using AI and then sell it as something they call "NFT Capsules". They claim to be the only sustainable "to-earn" crypto project while also being a ZK L2 on Ethereum. But as of now, the only thing that exists is the $GPT token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). There isn't a GitHub respiratory available for the project, at least none our team could find. Therefore I have scored CryptoGPT's Github 1/10.

Inflation Rate: The $GPT token has a maximum supply of 3,000,000,000 (3 billion) tokens; no information is available on the circulating supply. Since there is no necessity for a project with these goals to have a token in the first place, I have scored the Inflation Rate of CryptoGPT 1/10.

Community: CryptoGPT's Twitter account has 240K followers, its Telegram channel has more than 90K members, and its Discord channel has 20K members. Even though these numbers seem good for a crypto project's community, you should keep in mind that these are newly created accounts. For example, the Twitter account for CryptoGPT was created in February 2023, and gaining 240K followers in a month seems shady. That's why I scored CryptoGPT's community 4/10.

Whitepaper: CryptoGPT doesn't have a Whitepaper yet and only provides a Litepaper for the project. In this Litepaper, the team states their goals and compares daily active users with other L2s on Ethereum, like Optimism and Arbitrum. The question is, how can they compare their users when the CryptoGPT Mainnet does not even exist yet? The thing about crypto projects is that they can claim to be unique and solve many issues in their Whitepaper, but the real thing is what's happening in the backend and coding of the project. Since this project doesn't have a whitepaper, I have scored CryptoGPT's Litepaper 3/10.

Developers: The team only introduces 3 people as developers on their website. Of the three, only one is a backend developer, Emanuel Junior from Brazil. According to his LinkedIn profile, Emmanuel is a computer science graduate from a University in Brazil with more than 5 years of work experience. But just one developer isn't sufficient for a ZK Layer-2 since other L2s have huge teams of skilled devs working to improve their protocols. Since I couldn't find information about other devs working on CryptoGPT, I scored the developers 2/10.

Tokenomics: According to CryptoGPT's Litepaper, the $GPT token distribution is as follows: 20% goes to the Public, 20% is allocated to Liquidity, Staking, and Market Makers, 3% goes towards the project's Marketing, 25% is allocated towards Data Mining Incentives, 16% for the team, 6% for partners and advisors, and 10% is allocated to a Development Reserve. But according to etherscan, the top 10 wallet addresses hold more than 85% of the $GPT token supply, which is extremely shady. That's why I have scored CryptoGPT's tokenomics 3/10.

Venture Capital Investors: CryptoGPT has not done any funding rounds yet and therefore doesn't have any VC investors. The team might have decided to fund the project by selling their $GPT tokens which again is another red flag for investing in the project. This is why I have scored CryptoGPT's VC investors 1/10.

Competitor Comparison: Compared to other ZK rollups on Ethereum, like Starknet and zkSync, CryptoGPT is basically already dead. Since these projects have amazing teams working on improving their projects and overcoming milestones, but a project like CryptoGPT just seems to want to use the hype around AI and ZK technology simultaneously without any actual creativity. Therefore I have scored CryptoGPT compared to its comparison 1/10.

🔔In conclusion, CryptoGPT obtained a total score of 1.9/10. Does this score mean that the $GPT price will never rally? Definitely not. The $GPT token price can rally, but that doesn't change the project's fundamentals. Investing in CryptoGPT is extremely risky, even compared to other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. That's why if you want to invest in this project, it's best only to put in an amount you're completely comfortable with losing.

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