[MAP] BTCUSD short term

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
-Momentum squeezed : next movement will be strong and fast
-Daily bullish divergence , so 60% chance of UP short term
Trend is still bear : if we go up, it is a relief rally for now
-Bearish below 6240
-very bearish below 6130
-Bullish above 7700
-Cataclysmic (panic crash pattern) below 5200

Any failed rally or dump will be severely punished

Move expected after all stop losses are cleaned by the market (the so called "manipulation")

This is a temporary short term map, following up my previous idea where I shared most of my swing trades since may 2018 up to august 2018 :
Comment: For now, we validated our identified range.
Hope we could help you get both shorts and longs optimal positions
Stop loss can be put in place, breakouts should happen in the next days, hopefully the 15th

Stay frosty.

Comment: Long from lower orange zone got stopped at breakeven
Short from higher orange zone in profit and SL moved to lock profits. We will see if it is a bear trap or a capitulation

Risk free.

Will start buying some to the swing/investment stack soon'ish for the bounce (see my ETH USD idea)

Comment: btc trying to confirm the bullish divergence but facing great sell pressure. After setting up a dump, a retest of the orange zone... and getting rejected upward

Key value unchanged, the orange top zone is the resistance to break to confirm a huge range

Trade closed: target reached:
Comment: Patterns and levels to watch :

Comment: need a new map soon

Trade closed: target reached
Comment: Bull's last try to get out of the orange zone unharmed

Comment: And this is what happens when even market makers don't have a clear direction and we have both bulls and bears in a low liquidity high leverage market


I am seeking advice on my ideas below from traders in various countries. I would like to ask your advice.
And what do you think about the CBOE's ETF at the end of September and the BAKKT Exchange launching in November?