13 Recommendations for Traders

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1. You should not expect that the loss-making trades will ultimately lead to a reversal and profit. You should not build up a position on it, proving to yourself that you are right. The best solution would be to exit the position and accept your losses, as they are inevitable in stock trading.
2. Stop loss and take profit should be based on the market situation, not financial opportunities. If you need to set a stop longer than your deposit allows, the trade should be canceled.
3. Entry and exit points should be objectively justified.
4. Do not enter the market during the high volatility period - the pursuit of the large profits does not always end as a trader would like to.
5. Not all bear market strategies are bullish .
6. A canceled buy signal may be a sell signal as well as vice versa.
7. It is always easier to lose money than to make money on trading.
8. If the response to the news does not instantaneously appear on the market, perhaps it will follow in the future and will have more serious consequences.
9. To increase the likelihood of a successful trade, it is necessary to enter it with a little delay and exit it without waiting for the change in the profitable movement.
10. When a crowd enters into a trade it is time to exit.
11. If you have a feeling of anxiety you should close the trade and continue trading keeping a cool head.
12. Success is a prosperous series, not a single trade.
13. If the series of losing trades are going on, it is worth to take a break. This will allow you to gather your thoughts and, possibly, turn the tide.

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14. You will never understand what past 13. points actually mean until you have learned them from experience in the market
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great advice. Thanks!
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very solid advice...thx
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Well said bro
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