The bitcoin price movement for the end of April

It is an update of the previous trading idea.
I would appreciate if you like and do some commenting.
I just made a video about the possible movement for Bitcoin at the end of April.
You can find all info just via my Trading view profile and follow my twitter .

There is a high possibility that we will see a correction before we can go up. We need a strong impulse up, and as now I see, that there is no such a buyer who will do it. So, either market maker makes a big impulsive move up, or we are going for a correction.
Depends on the correction structure we can predict further Bitcoin move. Right now I do not suggest catch Bitcoin corrective move as it can be a bad idea, but you should have some Stop limit orders if we breach 7200 with strength.
During the weekend I was entering and leaving the market many times but right now is the time when you should just relax and watch what market will do.
Trade closed: target reached: all targets reached. congrats all who follow this.
Now we should lock some profit and leave some for further movement. Correction may happen any time, today, or next week.
Price may reach near target or may fall right now.
You just need to see, how the market will act.
People, who have less trading knowledge, should understand, that you must pull closer your SL, as you have big profit already.