TC] SHORT now, LONG later. Correction to 26-21k & up to 69k$+

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
When comparing a simple chart of previous bull-runs it seems like BTC could drop to 21.5k-26.5k range before continuing its bull-run to at least 69.000$.

Shorting now: Risky: The trend is your friend -> wait for 30k support to give in. Start taking profits at 26.5k.

Going LONG (on margin) at the 26k-21k range: BTC won't fall below 21k. Go Long when the bearish trend seems to reverse. If BTC falls significantly lower than your entry and you get liquidated, I would advice you to go Long again. Perhaps with a bigger position size, not as a revenge trade type thing, but because the probability of BTC being at the Bottom just significantly increased. Repeat down to 21k if needed. (Say you enter at 26k and BTC falls to 22k).
You want to be in on this ride. Start taking profits at 69k.

Of course, if BTC doesn't fall lower I would go Long as soon as it passes the current ATH since it will surpass it and create a much higher ATH , historically speaking.

What do you think? What's your strategy right now?