Full Portfolio Guidance for the next 5 Years

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We got two directions over here. So my opinion is to see if it's going to come back down to 22.500 as I drew on the Chart. And long from there.

Right now, LONGING from the Resistance is suicide. It's not just in this case but anytime if you longing for the resistance you are just gambling. Sometimes you win, but most of the time you going to lose.

The best strategy you can follow is to Long the Support down at 22.5-22.9 Levels.

I don't think that BTC will go below 22.5 before going up to the 25-32K range.

After we reach 30K ish , there is going to be a big correction that we always needed since 13.000$. As you know Bitcoin has never made a correction since 13.000 and it constantly moved up. This shows us that after 30K if people decide to make a big Profit Taking Plan, we going to see a 16.700-19.000 Range.

But that won't last long, since Cryptocurrency is a New Age, and people are starting to understand that slowly and slowly. Many companies have invested huge amounts like 50K BTC and so on.

Digitalism and the Great Reset is on the way. That's what the Globalist Agenda wants.

This hasn't been a coincidence, it was planned perfectly since 1988. Go and have a look at the 1988 ECONOMIST Cover. You going to see that Dollars are under Eagle's feet and burning. This shows us that the Currencies going to be destroyed, or devalued.

What does that mean?

This means that the Digital Age is knocking on the door.

Italy has already made a progress with its Central Bank about Digital Euro and so on.. And China as you know, they don't use paper money most of the time.

So how can you become rich from this change? I'll guide you.

Focus on:

1) Property, Real Estate.

2) Cryptocurrency.

3)Metals ( Gold , Silver )

4) Stocks

Lets say you have 1.000.000$. Split it like this:

Get one property, let's give as an example and say 400.000 dollars. So we have 600k left.

200K------->>>> to Cryptocurrency ( Bitcoin , ETH, AAVE, XTZ, Dot, REN, KSM , XMR ,UNISWAP, TOMO , RUNE, BAND ,FET ,WAVES , LINK , UBT , KAI , UTK )

Split 500$ to 3K ranged money to all of those AltCoins, get big in ETH, and get big in BTC .

Targets for the Coins I counted above are MINIMUM : BTC 75k ETH 5k REN $3 LINK $50 TOMO $4 UBT $5 FET $1 KAI $2 AAVE $300 XMR $300 BAND $20 RUNE $5 UTK $3
By 2022

Now we have 400.000$ left.

If you have recognized, Turkey is getting enormous power in a sneaky way that no one can see openly. QATAR has become a partner with the Turkish Stock Exchange %10, and they will be investing billions and billions of dollars.

So I would suggest; you buy these stocks 30K each;

GSARAY -> Target is 10-14 TRY (30.000 USD to this)
TDGYO -> Target is 30-40 TRY(30.000 USD to this)
BJK -> Target is 7 TRY(30.000 USD to this)

Now how much we have left ? 400.000$ - 90.000$ = 310.000$

Keep that 100K for the Correction, in the case and add on every dip small... (Cryptocurrency)

Get GOLD and SILVER with the rest of the money.

GOLD Ounce Target is a minimum 7.000$; It will be a shock to the whole world, but this is what's going to happen. Governments have been printing money in huge amounts, it's that big that there's no turning back from there. %130 in DEBT.

Kind Regards,