BitCoin crypto forecast 2021

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BitCoin cryptocurrency has not pulled back to the strong imbalance shared with you a few months ago. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin , even my 87 years old mother asked me the other day what BitCoin was because she was hearing about it on the news all the time. If such an old person, unrelated to the crypto world, is suddenly interested in knowing what BitCoin is, we’ve got a problem. It’s telling us NOT to buy BitCoin or any crypto currency long-term.

What I just said is far from being a technical analysis , even less a fundamental analysis on BitCoin . However, this thinking process is so simple that nobody stops to think about the consequences of such a statement. When someone unrelated and unexposed to the financial market, with no interest at all in cryptocurrencies or BitCoin , asks about it… Do not buy! It’s a very simple rule 🙂

Let’s talk about BitCoin technical analysis and prediction for 2021. Pools of supply and demand imbalances are created in all BitCoin timeframes, you must know what these imbalances look like and what they mean before you decide to take a trade on BitCoin . Find below a long term analysis of BitCoin cryptocurrency using the monthly timeframe . Buying this crypto is not a good idea, we are waiting for a much bigger correction on the monthly timeframe this year 202. Intraday and shorter-term crypto traders could think of shorts on the way down to the strong imbalance located around $12.500.


Hello I need little help please
thanks MR alfonso
Fundamental analysis has no any base of fundamentals and on chain analysis we have to be super bullish lol but TA shows that we are bearish. Thanks for your good analysis