she is surf'n that 21week movn avrg

we still believe we will see alts settle down n stop being gun shy n run then after a bit bag hold retail as btc re traces. most likely low 40ks n back to 40k for false pump again n drop from there. first we need to claim 41500 then 4300 plus. there r a few versions of this and order blocks that look likely but as an overall strategy i would look to consolidate so u can move quickly when the market turns on us. get ur profits n pick some spots cuz unless we see re trace next day back down to 355 to 37500 some sideways btc will mean alts pump. take profits n dont spread to thin. ALTS esp DeFi r still gun shy n jumpy but break outs r looking more n more likely.

sushi aave n others still finiky but 1inch uni mkr look strong strong with these other heavy on utility alts not far behind if some type of general up or positive narritive n trend continue..

more n more talk of KYC needed in crypto for big boys to enter,,, whatever that means regardless this gives weight to cardano kyc type ecosystem thinking and makes me want to look closer at ada launch pads like card starter n or occ . honestly defi is here to stay so even a buy the dip n forget about it aint the worst approach. aave is going to do a twitter type platform. 1inch brought in consultants to expand mainstream, uniswap is uniswap n has robin hood to ameritrade trying to get a piece, sushi has dark wizard yearn team who know is getting funding for new toy phantom project, and so many more moves from compound or comp to snx or synthetics (this delisting of micro synth twitter shares etc doesnt help but hurts uma n derivatives r probably next, at least in certain countries)

blank team re funds re airdrops n lists pre hack token at pre hack pricing.. interesting choice esp for those bag holding that didnt sell on the way down but regardless appreciate not leaving us essentially rug pulled like other projects doing nothing to fix back lash from that hack.


YFI 1INCH UNI SUSHI SNX AAVE LEND COMP MKR CRV ZKS MATIC for dexs n defi making in general n L2 moves

going down with the low market cap alt shit that didnt take full profits on pre ATH /TOP etc DMST TRUST or TRUSTSWAP SCRT BLANK POOLZ STMX RAMP OPIUM_(always hated names that alienate etc) LINear or LINA_(which i still really like actually) an to a lesser exstent ECO .fi or ECO n PRQ yukkkkk RFI lesser yuk STOL n STBZ

what i believe to be under valued projects and that just didnt make it thro all that blood being so deep in market cap
Comment: above type o lol ya always a few but this time in end when say "going down with the alt sh1t is was "going down with the alt ship"

that deep market cap alt list is coming soon. but probably not b4 we see a clear trend for btc.... do we see that re trace me n mine think is coming or do we see some above 40k to hi 30s btc action n alts settling down... i would look for a super convenient narrative that makes it easy to fomo in and get out as everyone yells bull run when btc looks comfortable in low 40ks n alts go bananas is what its looking like for time to run n stable coing.

buy the rumor sell the news just like buying alts btc n eth when btc hit 28 n 29k last week

remember this is diff for every person and the time they have to dedicate to this. ask your self realistically how long could u hodl if u had to. where would u take profits if ur fav project pumps and do u think we r rite or do u have ur own version of how the market is playing out n gonna play out.... in thoze cases u can hedge n go like anywhere between 30 to 70 percent of total portfolio while holding back most or some in stable coins etc. another tool is pools on L2 like zks. when market jumpy i put in zks usdt or eth usdt or general up trend but not sure where btc n eth r at go eth n btc pool this will act kinda as a "basket or "crypto ETF" and balance losses n gains a bit