What Are The Pros And Cons of Intraday vs Swing Trading

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Hello traders,

There is not such a good or bad timeframe.

Like cooking, everything depends on how you use the ingredients for your meals.

Intraday timeframes


  • Earlier entries
  • Earlier exits => losers are smaller compared to losers with SWING trades
  • You make your daily goals earlier
  • With Intraday trading, we're not impacted by contracts expiration, rollover, over-weekend, overnight fees
  • It's rarely boring (especially with indices trading)
  • Leverage isn't needed
  • Perfect for beginners or small capital


  • More in/out entries => you have to enter, exit, enter, exit until the real move happen
  • You have to be more reactive and accurate when taking a position or exiting.

Swing timeframes


  • More time to react and prepare
  • We don't need to be too accurate with our entries and exits
  • You're less impacted by news/events/rumours/tweets - They have a real visible impact on intraday but generally don't change a thing for the swing trend


  • Bigger drawdown by design
  • Forces to hold trades over multiple days/weeks.
    In a range, we pay a lot in funding/rollover fees before the real move happens.
    Being double digits percent down because of fees isn't pleasant.

  • Big capital required to afford to lose a few percentages sometimes with those trading fees

  • 1 click takes 5 seconds.
    Then you wait and wait and wait and wait, and then look on Twitter for ideas to invalidate your entries.
    When your favorite guru shares a contrary setup, you follow his/her call and wreck yourself.

    You really need patience with SWING trades.
    If the patience for you is an issue, I'd stick with Intraday.

Have a great day

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