BITCOIN - Asia Crypto Delisting Privacy Coins! Part 3

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Which Way Is Up?

Kind of a crazy week in crypto world, right? Whats the altcoin trading cheat sheet say? Something like:

This week seemed to give that meme a bit of merit that is, until the past could days. Since then, alts have been in a bit of a consolidation phase. Bulls havent let prices slink much lower, despite the relative weakness of BTC since the VanEck SolidX ETF withdrawal.

Nonetheless, weve positioned ourselves to profit should $BTC do another leg up – something which, from our view, could happen.

Asia-Based Crypto Exchanges Delisting Privacy Coins

In a concern-inducing move, Upbit, a top-drawer South Korean crypto exchange, pulled any and all digital assets with privacy features. Dash, Monero, Zcash, and smaller coins like Haven all had their Upbit privileges revoked.

The move mirrors a similar one made by OKEx which, in its turn, had followed Coinbase UKs lead when it delisted Zcash. Privacy coin owners and supporters are understandably upset by the growing trend amongst regulated exchanges to delist anonymity-supporting assets.

At the crux of the issue are regulators who believe such tokens are antithetical to KYC and AML laws. Thats the public reason, anyway. We should know that governments also just dont want to be left in the dark when it comes to who owns what.

Going forward, regulators want to devise a way to track and trace every transaction back to an identifiable owner. Monero doesnt let them do that, so any exchange hoping to stay on the right side of regulators will have to give it the ax. Sad but true.

Well keep you updated as this timely issue evolves.

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Trading is risky.

Here s a small explanation about why Im giving insight into my trades. Crypto is all about trust and transparency and that is what ID like to bring. Dont expect me to tell you how much crypto I actually own because thats none of your business. But I Will tell you how big my position will be in regard to my trading portfolio.
Secondly and actually the main reason im doiing this, is to proof to all the HALTERS out there that you can earn money with trading crypto. Most people are skeptical about trading because they heard horror stories about people who lost all their money. Follow my journey and let me proof therm wrong.
At the end of the day, the most important thing is how good are you at risk control.
Booking some losses during trading is perfectly normal, so im not afraid to show those losses. Most traders dont give any insight in what they because they perfectly know they suck and dont have a clue what they are doing in regard to risk management.
Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.
Just like every trader, Ive seen ups and downs in my journey. I started trading stocks. And you can guess what that meant for my portfolio. Yes thats right, it was almost completely wiped out.
But I pressed on, learned a lot about technical analysis and here we are. I have experience in trading stocks, options, and commodities .
So you can assume that I know how to deal with risks.


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Bullish DIV. on MACD and RSI!

*** !!!ATTENTION!!! ***

Sep 27 - CME BTCU19 expiry (Today)
CME Future expiration today = Bullish

CME Group’s Bitcoin futures settlement dates appear to negatively influence BTC markets. CME futures expire tomorrow, which explains the drop!

Analyzing price behavior from 2018 to August 2019, 75% of the time immediately before CME issued payouts, Bitcoin fell.

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#Bitcoin HASH RATE All Time High!!!



The Cycle Bitcoin!

Is a nice support line on the weekly RSI during bull market trends. Every time we down and test that support on the RSI, it was is a bottom during (2012/2013 - 2016/2016) bull cycle.
*Bitcoin cut through the first and very obvious support line and now sitting at the second one - this is the last hope of the bulls. Needs to rally back up. The weekly close is going to be very important.

Trends are confirmed by volume

Dow believed that volume confirmed price trends. When prices move on low volume, there could be many different explanations. An overly aggressive seller could be present for example. But when price movements are accompanied by high volume, Dow believed this represented the "true" market view. If many participants are active in a particular security, and the price moves significantly in one direction, Dow maintained that this was the direction in which the market anticipated continued movement. To him, it was a signal that a trend is developing.
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They make you sell the fund. FEAR! Exhaust candlestick! Panic sellers sell the elephant bar. They get scared! They do not know how to play!

Legendary MA 200 average. Need to comment?

During a bull market BTC has closed beneath its 200DMA three times.

Will today be the fourth?

BTC Monthly Heikin Ashi Candles

Red monthly Heikin Ashi candles during a bull market.

White line = 7month MA. (proxy for 200dma) to use slope to measure bull or bear.


Plan B
I am always ready.
Keep and Calm! Be ready. Do not panic
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Alright, we came close towards that first resistance in what appears to be an ABC zigzag (Wave 4). Was this it? Or is this part of a complex correction? Yes!

I think that we will recover during the coming days.

> Pattern looks done
> Hourly bullish divergence

Targets? Short-term

> $7500
> $7150

This was a complex correction in the bearish trend. It's done now.

Buy the Dip!

See you at range! Take Profit in

$7500 - $7100



We go TOGETHER! Together we are STRONGER!

Good luck!

God bless!
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It's still early to claim that this decline is impulsive but I think that it's happening. First minor support around $7500. My end target is situated at $7284. KEEP AND CALM! Be there or be square! On the 4h charts, we seem to be following the script with a very small new low posted against 7750 support. I would like to see the market above 8662 to consider a low is in place and until then we need to be on guard for lower.
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God bless your
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This trend line works! a channel? interesting. Keep your eyes open
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UPDATE > Analysis BTCUSD in a Minute (240)
Flat correction or a Triangle about to finalize. Bearish leg pending.

What will be the news? Hash rate? HACKED Exchange? Was Satoshi discovered? Trump cut his hair? lmao
Never mind the news!
I'm ready and you?
We are very close to the end (correction)

- "Buy cheap from pessimists and sell expensive to optimists."

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Hash rate crashed? NO!

Load The RUMORS!
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Load The RUMORS!

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Keep in mind that this is a binary situation.

Bullish divergence tells me to go long. Cycle analysis makes me think that we can go

to $7200 ~ $7100.

The smart thing to do is:

  • Spot: Start accumulating
  • Futures: Long with bigger short order at 7400
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Trade active:

The previous supports that held over time failed. It's like that they weren't there in the first place. I expect that the lower channel boundary LTA workin. $6k here we come?

In other wordsit is was time for a bounce (PULLBACK) that will be followed by another low later...

If you loved bitcoin at $8600, I'm sure that you will love it here too!

Trading is fun right?

$7400 - 7200 range in working

However, the RSI tells me that it isn't time for a significant recovery. I expect that we will test lower levels over time. (6k is coming)

Order cancelled
Trade closed: stop reached
Trade closed manually

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