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As I have said before, I evaluate crypto projects based on various factors.👇

I have already introduced each of these factors with a brief explanation, so today, I will be looking at Arbitrum (ARB), which will launch on Binance exchange on March 23rd. That is tomorrow.

🔥Let’s get into it:


Projects Goals: Technically, Arbitrum is an optimistic roll-up on Ethereum. To put it more simply, it is a suite of scaling solutions that provides faster speeds at a significantly
lower cost, with the same level of security as Ethereum. Since Ethereum users were very inconvenient during the last bull run due to the ridiculously high gas fees they had to pay, Arbitrum and other Layer2️⃣ scaling solutions became extremely necessary for the growth of user adoption in DeFi. That is why I have scored Arbitrum’s goals 10/10.

Founders: Arbitrum is built by a company called Offchain Labs. Ed Felten, Steven Goldfeder, and Harry Kalodner are the co-founders of OffChain Labs🔬 and hence Arbitrum. Ed Felten is a computer science and public affairs professor at Princeton University. Steven Goldfeder has received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University, where he also worked at the intersection of cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Harry Kalodner also holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Princeton University. The co-founders' academic level and work experience made me score a 10/10 for the Arbitrum founders.

Github: Since the founders are experienced computer scientists, users who are not tech-savvy don’t have to worry about Arbitrum’s code. The team is constantly working on updates to improve the Arbitrum networks🌐 making them easier to use with faster and cheaper transactions. But since there is still much more room to grow, the experts at I have scored Arbitrum’s Github 9/10.

Inflation Rate: Arbitrum's $ARB token has a total supply of 10 billion and a maximum annual inflation rate of 2%. This is a decent inflation rate, so I have scored $ARB’s inflation rate 8/10.

Community: Arbitrum’s user base mainly consists of OG Ethereum users who often transacted on Ethereum and started using Arbitrum due to the high gas fees. The Twitter account of Arbitrum has more than 610K followers👨‍🦰, and their Discord channel has more than 320K members. Also, with the launch of $ARB on March 23, the governance of Arbitrum starts, which enables the community to make decisions by themselves to grow the community further. This is why I have scored Arbitrum’s community 9/10.

Whitepaper: Arbitrum’s whitepaper clearly states the project’s vision to the readers: providing scaling solutions to increase transaction speed and lower costs while staying as secure as Ethereum. The Arbitrum team has achieved many milestones till now and continues to do so, like the upcoming governance launch. This is why I have scored Arbitrum’s whitepaper 10/10.

Developers: Since Arbitrum was founded by experienced computer scientists, the devs building Arbitrum are top quality which can also be realized by the number of projects building their DeFi protocols on Arbitrum. This is why I have scored Arbitrum’s developers 9/10.

Tokenomics: The $ARB token distribution is as follows: 11.62% is airdropped to individual wallets, 1.13% is allocated to DAOs in the Arbitrum ecosystem, 17.53% goes to investors, 26.94% is allocated to the team, and future team, advisors, and the remaining 42.78% stays in the DAO treasury which can be governed by $ARB holders. This is an extremely fair token distribution, with the founding team receiving less than 30% of the total supply, so I have scored Arbitrum’s tokenomics 10/10.

Venture Capital Investors: Arbitrum has a long list of VC investors, including Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alchemy Ventures, and many more, which shows the credibility and the great vision of Arbitrum. This is why I have scored Arbitrum’s VC investors 10/10.

Competitors Comparison: Arbitrum is one of the largest roll-ups providing scaling solutions for Ethereum, with over 3.5 million unique addresses on Arbitrum. But as an optimistic roll-up, Arbitrum faces heavy competition from other optimistic roll-ups like Optimisim and even ZK (Zero Knowledge) roll-ups. Each roll-up has its pros and cons, but without getting into the technical details, I have scored Arbitrum 8/10 in terms of competitor comparison.

⚠️ The overall score for Arbitrum is 9.3/10, which is an excellent score when evaluating a crypto project. But always remember that crypto tokens are generally risky assets that often face major volatility.

So you must do your research and even consider talking to an advisor before investing🤑 in any crypto project.

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