BTC - Wait for next move

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
#BTCUSDT Daily Update
Frame H1
- After breaking out of the $ 24k resistance, BTC soared to hit $ 28k, you can review your previous analysis.
Here, BTC continues to react price and formed resistance of $ 28k, the price reaction has not seen anything special, so I rate this resistance is quite weak.
- Yesterday, BTC formed slightly the H1 frame triangle pattern , I got up a little late this morning so I broke when I woke up and the price increased after exiting this triangle.
- The price will react at $ 28k, you should wait for confirm breakout to have a safe point to buy
- Note, the two previous positions I made before at $ 18k and $ 24k are a safe position, later positions in the main trend you should actively take profit in the short term.