BTCUSDT The Dirty Technical Analysis 6/1/2021

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS

BTCUSDT / BTC USDT Bitcoin US tether.

HOW I WILL FARM THIS MARKET GAINIING TOTAL OF 500% from alts / bitcoin / alts to Fiat USDT. (strong week for alts - but bearish for long term(monthly))

Pink rectangle should be the Sell area,
Green rectangle should be my buy area.

*Tips to myself is I will never fomo in to an alt that has huge gain already if I miss the btc flight...
if I hold something; I will sell it all (or 50%) on the reds then continue to buy it back at the greens and time to accumulate more.
never chase rather be patient.
Be patient enough; That's the secret of the rich taking more profits from the impatient ones.

Trade this with me... the reason why I did this is because not that I have the crystal ball with me.
nor part of the whales; anytime, whales can always decide to FUD and crush the market if they have big institutions coming in.
If HNS (blue) is a success expect that dip to 22K then people from huge co. or industries and retailers will buy their coins, and those who sell from 62k
will buy more from 33k and waiting for 22k possibilities. from there i can say that we will be able to send greens that will break the sky and fly to the moon.

possibilities: 110K from 22K BTC = expect ALTS with strong projects such as $ZIL $MATIC $XVG $VET $DOT $LUNA $ICP $TRIAS $HORD $KSM $EGLD $ADA $MATIC $XLM $XRP

Psychanalysis: I always remember myself, when people fail to sell top. they hit the 7% decrease they will be afraid to sell still... afraid of "it may go up"
Stop right there myself (i am talking to yself), always do the ABC break/retest whether we are coming up or coming down. Never ever fell in love with the coins when we are in a choppy momentum. Never deny that we are in the bear market (not season) because from there that the time you will lose many of your savings and profits that you could actually have pulled up long time ago. Trade the charting Trade the TA... Block all the noise. Stick to those who really know the process.