BITCOIN- Resistance Levels

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So, yesterday was a great time to buy7 the dip (perfectly, I must admit), toay was great to see the price go up but:

Time to be careful again; yes, that fast!

Price is on resistance now and there is another one just a bit higher so : Be careful people!

Yesterday it was FUD and that's why I went Live, asking you to stop shitting your pants ,

Tonight it might be FOMO so here I am showing you the resistances and you can do your math and arrange your trades as you know better.

One Love, to the vast majority who showed me SO MUCH appreciation these days, thank you. And some friendly advise for the few haters : ' Be Happy people! I wish you Happiness''

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Great chart.
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and you can follow this up with a beautiful zero-risk long, after a bounce off the trendline / formation of the right shoulder:

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@reees, too complicated bro and i dont see any strong structure, i will be honest with you
reees FX_Professor
@FX_Professor, fair enough, thanks for the response. what do you mean exactly when you say you don't see any strong structure? the white trendline (support for the anticipated right shoulder) dates back to march of 2020, which is why i feel like there's a reasonable chance the pattern plays out. in any case, with a tight stop below the trendline, there's very little downside and lots of upside, from a R/R standpoint.

@reees, oh man, i am not into typing big texts. contact me, let's find some time, i will share my screen with you and we can share some ideas and work together on how you can possibly do things a little better. you can always give me advise, i can learn from you too
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reees FX_Professor
@FX_Professor, thanks, i appreciate the offer. maybe i'll take you up on it sometime when life isn't so busy!
Likewise brother 👍
Really like your charts.
FX_Professor wakefulMaster19384
@wakefulMaster19384, for you: 🧻🚽