What to include in your Trading Routine

Most people dive straight into trading without knowing how or why. They also don’t plan ahead.
This is why most people are unsuccessful at trading.

Having a well developed plan is KEY 🔑 to trading success!
Let’s see what in must need in trading routine:

1. Trading Journal 📝
You won’t improve without a trading journal, your whole trading routine is built around your trading journal. The time you’re trading without one is wasted time period.

2. Backtest 📌
Do it every week at least once.
Backtesting increase:
- Confidence in your strategy;
- Self-confidence to execute it;
- Discipline (when you’re confident about your strategy, you are more likely to respect it.)
Tip: Journal your backtested setups.

3. Weekly mental preparation ⏳
Write down things like:
- What are the things you want to work on.
- What are the habits you want to improve.
- What are your goals for next week.

4. Technical preparation 💡
- Make your analysis.
- Study the different price scenarios.
- Prepare your trading ideas.
You can do it weekly or daily depending on your needs.

5. Weekly performance analysis 🎭
Open the psychology section of your trading journal:
- What did you do well?
- What could have you done better?
- What lessons did you learn?
- Realization about yourself, your strategy and the market.

6. Wins and Losses analysis 🌓
- Open the charts of your trades one by one.
- Read your mistakes
- Write down at least one lesson you took from each trade.
Tip: always take a screenshot at the exact entry point of each trade. This allows you to mitigate the hindsight bias and develop your pattern recognition skills.

7. Writing ✏️
Write down your thoughts and emotions on bad days.
It helps you understand your mind and gives you clarity.
It’s a great way to focus on the process and be patient.

8. Activities outside of trading 🚴🏻♀️🚣🏻♂️
You’re going to lose motivation and belief with your trading many times, you need to have extra motivational source.
If you only rely on your trading results to feed your persistence, you ganna give up easily.

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