Hello Birdies, long time no see.. Let's get started.

BTC is accumulating in a range making everyone confuse where we are headed only scalpers are enjoying right now.

Chart Breakdown
  • Purple tags points for heavy short.
  • Bold red line the major short line from Daily Chart which is intersecting two strong lines on H2 chart as well.
  • Greenline is bullzone which they are defending since 11th May.

So if we fall below greenzone we will instantly see 25-26 first and then within a couple of days 21k .

But before that we are expecting a correction rally which is by fib I am expecting 0.38 which is 31, 765 and our purple tag is also pointing there which is 31, 489 and as stoploss hunting it may reach 32, 327.

The real corrective retracement should be upto 0.795 or 0.786 which is 36k and 37k respectively.

But IMHO we are seeing 22k first no relief rally happening. And extremely sorry to all the moon boys again.
Comment: Well Birdies I cant say it more... the market maker follow my words religiously what else I would say...

STOPLOSS hunt happened at 32, 411 and fall start from 31, 800

Comment: An update

Blackbird Trading Started the Crypto Portfolio Management via API.

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