Potential Bottom Here.

The 4hour Stoch has been a fairly reliable indicator of late. Combined with the RSI support line, and the end of the triangle.... might be good to go imminently.
Trade active: We're still clinging onto this idea, right at the very end of the triangle, and after the 1 sat dip and recovery, we've got a nice cross on the 4hour. If it holds through to midnight, then tomorrow might be good to go.


here we go!
Hi, Take profit: 35 Sat?
losingup marcosfelipecfbr1

27 is the most immediate point of resistance. But hopefully we blow through that;

35-37 the first big target... just double topping/triangle target.

45 would be the ABCD target.

Personally, I don't have a sell target just yet. I'm holding this coin for a little bit whilst waiting for the irrational new coin bull run where it spikes like crazy before crashing and dying for 6months+
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@losingup, Very well, I am thinking of selling a part (50%) in this small high according to your chart and buying in the fall as the days go by and wait for the movement you mentioned, your experience as a trader, we are so close to this super rise ?
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losingup marcosfelipecfbr1
@marcosfelipecfbr1, trading the resistance levels likely very profitable. As even 1-2sat pull backs are a good percentage.

The super rise is far from a certainty... Just an observation I've seen in many new coins over the years.

Tron took 12 weeks to go from 17sats to 2000... And seeing as BTT goes live on bit torrent end of Q1. Hopefully similar timeframe. Though 2000 probably way too ambitious. But 250+ would do!
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@losingup, Thank! I agree
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