BTT - Correction (As you asked)

BINANCE:BTTUSDT   BitTorrent / TetherUS
Looks like BTT . is having a correction for now.
The price can go down to the support area as I've shown on chart.
Don't open any positions on this coin until a bear or bull movement is confirmed.
Open short positions once it's below the support area , and open long positions once the price reached above the resistance area .
Do it right after the 4H candle closure.
⚠️ NOTE: This usually happens when a coin gets hot on crypto platforms: it might go down by a little and then get back up to a new high.
Good Luck 🎲
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4 candles in what time frame? 1 hour or 4 hour?
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ShawnMCR vahidinformatic
@vahidinformatic 4H candle: one single 4H candle.
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Beautiful Trade Setup!
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@Dr.Ross thanks
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What do you think now? Has the upward trend of the BTT currency started? I'm at a loss. What should I do ???? please answer
nice sharing dear 😊