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NASDAQ:BYND   Beyond Meat, Inc
3 in-depth scenarios taking you through how I plan on playing earnings with NASDAQ:BYND
Scenario 1: Mini Falling Wedge ( Bullish )
If this is indeed a falling wedge , we should see it smack both support and resistance 3 times prior to its decision.
If this is the case, I'll be looking to grab a position later this week for a short-term trade.

Scenario 2: Massive Bullish Channel
This is why we need to be very patient with this trade. TA would tell you we should see another retest with even lower lows before breakout long-term. If we hold under I'll back up the truck and prepare to load up the puts.

Scenario 3: Beautiful Earnings Rip

In the case of a massive breakout, I will aim to grab a few calls with some time (expiring 2 weeks after earnings ) with a strike around $120. If we get a solid correction I'd hope we can grab something like $115 strikes for the price of the $120 strikes at open.
Once again, if breakout is successful we will see price movement toward $120 before earnings most definitely. If we grab 3 or 4 $115 calls expiring may 22, we will probably be able to sell 2 for our original investment plus profit. This would allow us to hold the remaining contracts through earnings .
"Risk it for the biscuit" but secure your profits at the same time :)

Depending on the next 48 hours, I will choose one of these scenarios. We will ball out, this is Easy Loot.


Comment: Looks to be scenario 3

I woke up and grabbed some puts before we tanked...
Holding 4 BYND put 5/29 | $142

Looking to flip the premium
Comment: Rising Wedge (Bearish)

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