$BZRX/BTC 3D (Binance Spot) Big falling wedge breakout

bZx Protocol just regained 50MA support and looks great for extra bullish continuation mid-term!
More information about that DeFi / BSC token also part of Avalanche Ecosystem on

Current Price= 0.00000709
Buy Entry= 0.00000709 - 0.00000641
Take Profit= 0.00001059 | 0.00001451 | 0.00001909
Stop Loss= 0.00000483

Risk/Reward= 1:2 | 1:4.04 | 1:6.43
Expected Profit= +56.89% | +114.96% | +182.81%
Possible Loss= -28.44%

Fib. Retracement= 0.382 | 0.618 | 0.883
Margin Leverage= 1x
Estimated Gain-time= 5 months
Comment: They recently launched Fulcrum (for Trade & Lend) and Torque (for Loans), more info on & , also they are going to rebrand to $OOKI on November 28th 2021.
Trade closed: stop reached: Adjusted SL hit with -16.74% and -0.59R

Unfortunately, bZxProtocol has been compromised and lost 50MA support, does not seem ready to outperform Bitcoin anymore.
Let's take the loss before it's too late, we'll keep an eye on a new buy back opportunity after rebranding.

Always manage risk accordingly and respect leverage!

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