CAC 40 best performing indice

TVC:CAC40   CAC 40 Index
I think the top 5 of US stocks that went up the most is made of Moderna ( MRNA ) and 4 energy companies including 3 Oil companies. The typical big tech stocks did not do that well. Google is up 70% in a straight line. AMZN & AAPL that broke new highs (notably in price and market cap) have not gone up compared to the rest.

The best indice is France CAC 40 which was undervalued (compared to the rest) and sleeping. As far as I know France has been in the top 6 exporters since forever and dropped out of that in 2020 only time will tell if they go back up. France followed the US example "Wow looks pretty cool to be in debt to the neck. We hate kids let's make them work hard in 50 years to pay for our lazy lifestyle today" as well as "Who cares what happens after I did my 2 (president, ministers) or 20 (congress) terms? This will get me lots of votes from ignorant zombies.". Now all I see France paying China with is heavy/ advanced armament (planes...) and luxury which the chinese really love.

I don't know if these useless expensive products companies are expensive (do I look like a stock investor?) but the price keeps going up. CAC 40 is in a bull market and finally beat 2000 high. Up we go. Going up even more than the US pyramid scheme now. Maybe I'll just buy the indice on the next pullback.

Chubby ugly women want to feel pretty what can I say? Too blunt? Sorry. Too hard not to push chips and soda down a funnel placed in your month I guess. Capitalism/consumerism ❤️

I have no idea what I'm doing but unlike 2018-2019 where I got destroyed I think I now have a fair shot at making money with stocks. RNA companies in the long term look too good, with all the zombies mindlessly vaccinated I lose my words. Indeed how can so many be vaccinated and no one be hyped, or even give a rat's ass, about RNA? Like 1 billion people got injected at least once, often several times, and no one speaks about the tech, no one cares 🤦. Almost seems like cheating... Did somebody use cheat codes to make money? Well anyway there will be a pullback (significantly, multi year bear market) at some point, and years after this the zombie herd will suddenly understand what RNA is and the possibilities (because someone explained it to them - slowly - on television) and they will get VERY EXCITED ("we will erradicate all illness and live forever"). Trolls (Pomp) will shout "Pfizer can go to 1000/10,000" and the herd will FOMO.

Since I have no idea what I am doing I will OTP kinda. Going to stick to the S&P 500 indice + the french 4 stocks I mentionned. Read about those, study those... Over time surely I'll add a bit more. So I won't be so reliant on Forex doing something.
Tech stocks are not the future anymore. Now the future is (no surprise) energy production (it's always the future) and biotech. Energy production including EV batteries. And luxury will always sell (as long as people are full of cash, not broke).

L'Oreal is in a complete bubble so I'm not saying hold no matter what in your retirement account.

It's going completely vertical. It's basically Bitcoin . And the CAC 40 is only just starting a bull trend.