Strong breakout from CAVM

29 0 2
CAVM             was ranked #4 on this week's Top 10 Setups in Bases with a score of 9.3. Our notes from this weekend's report are below. If you'd like to learn more about ChartYourTrade, click here: http://chartyourtrade.com/watch-list/top-10-list/

BASE TYPE = 1st stage flat base
ADVANCED PIVOT (s) = 62.73
SUPPORT = 55.55
NOTES: CAVM's RS             line is about to break into new high ground. Its difficult to find a clear level of support within the base. Looking at the broader pattern particularly from a weekly perspective, its clear that CAVM             has a volatile and choppy character over the past several years as it has trended higher. One must be prepared for this if playing this name.

POINTS (+/-)
1st or 2nd Stage Base (-0)
More down weeks than up weeks (-.25)
More distribution weeks than accumulation weeks on above avg volume in the base (-.25)
Earnings Stability Rating above 30 (-.2)
Decelerating earnings (2 quarters or more) (-.25)
Accelerating Sales (3 quarters or more) (+.25)
Group Rank 1-40 (-0)