lack of vol = no confidance

AMEX:CBOE   Cboe Global Markets, Inc
CBOE will probably have a record quarter but their guidance in the face of lacking volatility could screw them on the back end of earnings . Where's the f ing volume? Where's the VIX right now? I'm obviously real pissed about the market conditions because I need delta for s**t to work better, and although this titanic could turn on a dime and trading volume ramps higher, but then CBOE's multiple is then called into question because we're likely to meltdown vs. melt up considering where the S&P is currently trading. This entire complex is bot driven. I bought some puts on $CAR the other day; that turd is more valuable today then before the pandemic. Their fleet of metal death traps has somehow gotten more valuable in the face of new legislation to ban internal combustion vehicles within 20 years, meanwhile it's got 5.4B valuation? When I entered that trade, the metrics were akin to watching gentle waves splash a sandy beach, ebb & flow, like Hal's voice in the movie 2001. Just machines calmly talking to other machines, letting the value go higher and higher.... Scary -That's just one example of this market on a no f's given machine driven autopilot loose money free-for-all. While vol remains low, paper traders getting hosed and revs will decline here. No position, but I don't like what I see. Call this one a test going forward....