CELO: $47.70 | Mobile is the key to the Universe to $300++

Marck Zuck saw the Mobile as the future of social network in Facebook
i guess Jack D... sees another fisherman from afar ...
Comment: looks like Elon Musk dna is on board
whales and billionaires love volume
Comment: note: day 1 of the PUMP is simply Change of Handler
and shakedown of Gamblers..
Day 2 is where informed Players come to get VOLUME for that mandatory 10x yield by Year end
Comment: sep 19, 2021 Sunday
marching orders to roll in fresh capital at $5 $6 and $8
Comment: Big Brother loves this kinda projects.. as it loves FANG
"eye in the sky... lookin at you"
Comment: looks like Banker shall take advantage of Oct 28 Metaverse Them