CELO- Major Resistance Ahead (Breakout or Correction?)

Our chart says: Major Resistance Ahead: Breakout or Correction?

We will know soon if this level will be too much for the price to rise or if it will be breached and offer us an opportunity for a breakout.

The way we work is simple: we follow many assets, study the charts and look at levels that can offer new entries for Long positions or retracement.

CELO had offered us one of those fantastic trades (allow me to say epic) where we called a breakout perfectly the price went 150% higher in 2 hours (!!!) before we called the short nicely on it's way back to earth...

Assets like CELO have interest both for the Long run but also for those looking for volatility (day traders) alike.

So yes, we are on the lookout and what remains to be seen is if CELO will be able to break over or fail at this upcoming resistance.

Volatility inbound..


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