CELR - Daily - "Decent Swing Trade"

BINANCE:CELRUSDT   Celer Network / TetherUS
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➡️Technical Standpoint⬅️
1.) Accumulation spotted on this asset; started around 7/27/2021
2.) Within a descending triangle at this time. Probably a fake out in my opinion.
3.) Estimating it will be ready to go mid August.

➡️Fundamental Standpoint⬅️
1.) As of 7/6/21:

➡️Current Season⬅️
- 6/14 confirmations for BTC , ETH, and large cap season

//////Indicator Legacy/Meaning//////
Linear Regression Line( LR ): is the green/red worm-like line.
TD Sequential ( TDS ):
✨ Social Activity Indicator(SA):
- Based on trader sentiment. The indicator will provide either a Strong Interest, Neutral/Some Interest, or No Interest signal.
- Lime background = spike in interest.
- Yellow background = drop in interest.
- Fuchsia Circles = Clustering of circles on the lower end of the spectrum means consolidation.

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