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➡️Technical Standpoint⬅️
1.) Price is below the LR and a strong resistance line, giving bears the advantage.
2.) Currently in a gray area. Better to open a position closer to the 1.618 FIB or aqua T9 support.

➡️Fundamental Standpoint⬅️
1.) Events related to the Budapest release expected to take place by end of Q2.
2.) No signs of accumulation at this time. Next move will run on buy the hype, sell the news fuel.

➡️Current Season⬅️
- Pending additional data. Current season is unknown.

//////Indicator Legacy/Meaning//////
Linear Regression Line( LR ): is the green/red worm-like line.
TD Sequential ( TDS ):
✨ Social Activity Indicator(SA):
- Based on trader sentiment. The indicator will provide either a Strong Interest, Neutral/Some Interest, or No Interest signal.
- Lime background = spike in interest.
- Yellow background = drop in interest.
- Fuchsia Circles = Clustering of circles on the lower end of the spectrum means consolidation.

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