[CGC] Will be Loadin up Before Next Uptrend Cross

NASDAQ:CGC   Canopy Growth Corporation
This is now my number two long term growth pick, recently supplanted by the winning APHA/ TLRY combo. Still a better company than ACB by a good margin. OGI best value and ACB next best value though, these two been in the trenches for most of 2019 relative to the overall industry.

HEXO and SNDL still strugglin but holdin up OK, also great value there but much riskier. CRON has been very quiet but holding at a steady level at least.

I'm really loving my IIPR , YCBD and VFF pickups from a few months back too.

Kickin myself for missing GRWG , waiting for better value now.
Comment: Winner
Comment: Could be going to 62, let's see!


Why $62 and not $70?
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@psbassin, Tomato tomato
When do you anticipate another uptrend cross? thx
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@psbassin, Cannabis at a potential inflection point, could keep going up but seems more likely markets carry the sector back down for a bit.