Let's make some SERIOUS money! (CGIX)

Seeing a turn in cancer genetics incorporated... looks juicy.

Triple bottom structure with a recent falling wedge breakout on the overall expanding downward channel .
Each time on the turning point of this major multi year support we saw major impulsive moves shortly after.

Given that the price in time now is at a much lower discount compared to history. I think that is why we are seeing the triple bottom of accumulation. This correction to these lows also has been a bigger move just in general based off history.

This could be the beginning of a major bull cycle.

I feel good sitting in this one here.
Another plus is that this has a low float.
Anything I trade will always have a low float. (Less Outstanding Shares)

Remember I trade long term. I look for major multi year turning points in markets. The longer I can hold a trade, the better! I specifically analyze the weekly and the monthly, nothing else!

Thanks for checking out my analysis, check out some of my extra work on my page.
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Thanks for sharing
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Nice work!
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superb analysis.
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@lkhokalay I appreciate that
Hi. Are you able to provide an update on this TA? Has it changed? For the better or worst? Thx a lot.
ouch. is your TA still good. its down big time. Thx
got in at 12. oups…