NYSE:CHPT   ChargePoint Holdings, Inc
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*My team digs deep and finds stocks that are expected to perform well based off multiple confluences*

*Experienced traders understand the uphill battle in timing the market, so instead my team focuses mainly on risk management*

My team has been swing trading EV sector tyrant $chpt for the past couple months. In this time-span it has continued to bounce from its $20 support zone . The potential is undeniable for an established EV company like $chpt. There is also an impressive amount of option calls which suggests bullish confidence.

We recognized the bullish price action of $CHPT and averaged up from our original entry of $22 at $24.35 on 5/30/21. From their the price moved further up and now rests at $28.31.

My team has increased our previous take profit target of $31 up to $37.