CHUY's Holdings Tex-Mex Breakout

BATS:CHUY   Chuy's Holdings, Inc
Tex-Mex Restaurant company growing quickly into its $506 million market cap by opening new locations across the southern USA. There are not many shares in the float and many are controlled by a private equity investor, but I'd suggest putting this one on your watch list. It looks to me that $25 will never be touched again if this accumulation pattern holds. In that case your risk is $7 or 24%. The upside? A double from $28 or $56 within a year.
Tim March 14, 2013 12:46PM EST
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Looking for an entry on this stock. Very popular restaurant and looks like we nearing the next bullish phase > consumer discretionary spending spike
Very nice profit in CHUY in less than 4 months. I'll choose to exit and redeploy assets into oversold stocks (like RDS.B).
Volume sure has been increasing
A Chuy's is opening down the street and people around here can't wait! There's no doubt it's popular. Good pick.
It looks like CHUY's is making a move now. It formed a small triangle since I published this chart and now it is taking off to the upside. I imagine it will be in the Investors Business Daily newspaper as a massive breakout buy chart formation. It could likely get some momentum going on Monday and make a decent move. Investors want to see growth and this company has been delivering that. Good fortune to you all! Best, Tim 9:46AM Thursday 3/28/13 Eastern Time