Cocoa at heavy resistance now 2443. Short or long? check my idea

NYMEX:CJ1!   Cocoa Futures
Cocoa is at a heavy resistance now, 2443. Will it go Short or long?
Price is exactly between two fibonacci resistances now; 2524 and 2368. I think price will bounce between these two before it breaks long or short.
When it breaks the long resistance 2524, I see a target of 2674. When it breaks low; target 2153.
Most difficult part are the exact positions where to buy and positions stop loss.
I have some ideas about which positions to place orders, but I'll try some movements before opening them.

After years of studying, learning and practicing I have developed a way of trading which can provide an profit every month by trading cfd's.
The strategy I learned from an visionair is 'Cycle trading' and I have developed this further and made it my own.

How do I decide to open a position or not? First I analyse:
- sentiment on the market > are people in buy mode or short mode
- I have some own created indicators, some I show in my charts, as; is the trend horizontal / uptrend or downtrend or volatile.
- and this own indicators tell me when probably a new long position starts or a new short > these are the positions where I place my orders! one of the indicators I use here to help me is the Fibonacci sequence.
- and again other own created indicators tell me how far long or short it probably goes. The take profit and stop loss positions are Other positions than the resistances in the market! Here I work with 'the total expected possible profit' and an percentage from this total opportunity where I mostly close the trade to be safe.

And that's not all at all. Also I check if the opportunity is interesting, by analyzing the charts and when I can make the conclusion that when I should open an certain trade and the possible profit would be 2/3rd of the amount you can possibly loss. So, in bad case lose 100 dollar and best case win 300 dollar it is worth the try! losing these kind of trades, I see as an investment on the possible loss. Stop loss needs to be tight here.

Patience is everything, we’ll wait for the right moment!

Sometimes we are in huge loss, before we end the month in good profit. This is all part of the game. Without trading positions which we lose, we could never win more than we lose. Losing orders is investing in the knowledge to trade the right one to earn money.

Thank you for following and Succes with trading !

Richard from Rich.Exclusive.Trading


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