NYMEX:CL1!   Light Crude Oil Futures
Granted we are nearing all time highs for oil after being -$40 2 years ago... perhaps it's a rouse to shift attention away from alternative energies which are approximately 80% off their highs, a trap and longterm consolidation could bring this oil game straight down. Nearterm the future is uncertain, but how much can you trust something that went -$40 2 years ago... what's to say it doesn't happen again? They sanctioned some russian oligarchs but they never actually sanctioned oil prices πŸ™„. I'm long energy, but I've shed my fossil fuel focus and moved on to alternatives, some TAN (SOL RUN SPWR ) and PBW ( ENVX ) components from here out for me longterm, even if oil continues on and barrels end up at $236 I've made my gains and they're reinvested elsewhere now. I said goodbye to an 80% majority if not all of my XOM (30-88) CVX (36-186) APA(4-40) HAL(5-38) OKE(20-69) for some reason i kinda like the chart on BP so I'm still lingering in there for a minute I've moved on from some dead industries that treated me incredibly well over the years and have reallocated capital to AI robotics solar wind lithium digital payments electric vehicles vertical farming and some emerging markets. I think there is a last ditch attempt to rally the DXY but honestly i believe it too is on a 7 year decline starting meow. I am not a financial advisor this is not financial advice DYOR GL