CL1! bollinger signalling another move

NYMEX:CL1!   Light Crude Oil Futures
72 1 3
So we failed the test, back down now, bollinger signalling another move, IMO             down, lets see if we break down thru the previous low. watching currencies effects on dollar strength. The Pound seems to have the most relevance now, but watch out for china, they are actively playing a card game right now, messing with international debt ratios to keep capital flight from happening, which would cause them to devalue quickly, and big. We have seen all that before, and we know the effects on oil             and stocks. Oil             traders all have different support numbers, and all are different, which tells me no one really has a clue, even me. So as currencies go, oil             goes oppo the dollar, for now. Hope everyone profits. BTW             , stocks are way overvalued, artifically inflated, and in never never land. If you are a bull , you better be ready to change that suit in a second's notice, as I am sure most big money houses are. Oil             will be like an anchor dragging stocks down, if we fail certain levels.