1st position 36.75 Target 38+ Stop in place.



All out 37.80. COH filled that small gap put in back in mid December. More upside is possible but risk/reward increases from here.
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Great. I got stopped out at 35.70.
timwest HamedAghajani
Ugh. It takes guts to stick to the stop, but it was just such a close stop that any mere mortal couldn't be that good. If you look at Barkers trades for the past year or more, you will see that the stop is just an area of caution and you can get back "in" if it climbs back to the entry zone (green box for longs) and try again. I'm very sorry you got stopped out.
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You are right, - I should have been more cautious.
Barker HamedAghajani
Sorry to hear that. My stop was definitely never a hard stop their. I moved my stop down considerable at that point as I added shares at 36.
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Great trade. I loved the chart yesterday too when it turned up out of the base.
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Excellent idea. Nice work.
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Back in! 36.40

Smaller shares but it's the same setup as last time.

Double dipping is never a good idea but I like that COH is holding off the lows with the overall markets near it's lows of day.
COH is showing some pretty good relative strength here.
timwest Barker
Lots of good retailer charts like KSS too. Great advice all around from you... as always.
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Barker timwest
Thanks. In KORS too from last week @66.9. Considering taking profits but it sure looks strong here.

Think we have the markets at the lows of the day here.
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