NASDAQ:COIN   Coinbase Global, Inc
Newly released IPO with great potential ahead!

- In a new crypto age, everyone is just catching on and for those who did before have generated mass amounts of wealth catching the train before it left.
While the majority make their money from investing and trading, coin-base is guaranteed revenue from fees.
As the crypto world grows, so will the buyers and the interest so will the revenue for exchanges like coin-base however this one in particular is one of the biggest players in this game and is wildly popular across the United States.

- Technical analysis:
We have not seen much price action since this is a newly launched IPO, however with the current situation we can only work with what we have and the only way to see current price action clearly is by dropping to lower time fames like the 15m chart, due to this it lacks strength.

Our analysis is a sentiment for the upcoming week, month.
Use this as a weather forecast, you are the person that has to put on a jacket when it’s raining.
Trade this sentiment based off your own entry strategy at the right time.

Flow with the Devil 😈
Trade with the manipulation👾
Comment: Small time frame only thing we can work with for now since no past price action :/

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