I was wrong. The run isn't over... I got faked out by the data in my last post/s. GME and the memes are going to pump more...

As you see it had reversed last week indicating we would flip to bearish this week. Then yesterday it re-flipped to bullish. I've honestly only seen this happen in June 2022 and i dont't understand what it means. All i know at this point is that the trend is your friend.

Also as you see here, it had fizzled out but then with yesterday's data it broke out. Yes it's a bloody breakout...

So yeah, i was wrong. Better get in. Also the rest of the market has also flipped to full on bear with no signs of slowing. I think this is the bull market even though it doesn't make any sense.

TLDR: There's MORE up for GME & the memes.
FYI, i still have spy puts. I've inversed myself.
Aaand there it is. Covering in a bear market. Took them longer than expected.
Order cancelled:
Nevermind, it (The Basket) re-flipped to bearish. I personally think it won't re-flip to bullish again. It's too weird to flip between bear and bull from one day to the next. Looks like i was wrong about being wrong lol.


The overall market data isn't showing me weakness or strength... It's becoming increasingly hard to read the data on the rest of the market... Usually it's really clear, but since a week now it's becoming really hard to read the direction on this stuff.

About my positions. I inversed myself yesterday by not listening to my own advice and got SPY puts at what looked like a last attempt to hit $400.00 on SPY before the dump and it looks like that truly happened... I closed those with a profit and got more after the price "normalized" for more dumping... Not revealing my % gain/dates as to not get inversed by some bot. I just got puts, that's all.

Trade closed manually:
Yeah not touching this. Last comment here.
Trade closed: stop reached:


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