COIN | WTF! Could the new UI/UX possibly be any worse?

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The only thing you guys have left now is a relatively strong VPFR but I tossed in a reverse Fib to show where your price probably SHOULD go.

Looks like I'm moving to another exchange for onramp / offramp again AGAIN!!

Wanna know more about my totally miserable experience with the new platform? Or care to share thoughts / opinions on why CB sucks so unbelievably now?

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Update here on UI : So I was able to RE-LINK my bank acct and decided to TP on a few Doge's.

It was a NIGHTMARE just trying to fish around for the deposit address, finally was able to bounce the Doge up from storage but they take like 130 network confirmations vs. 30 - 60 on some "other" exchanges so I had to sit around thumb twittling before I could finally fire off a sell order.

Geez, the interface is soooo bloated and gimmicky, it's worse than the Casino cash lotto style popups we see on some Asian market platforms. Dear Coinbase, enough with the f'n clickbait!!!

In spite of this misery, there was one positive aspect to this latest UX . . I was able to withdraw cash pretty much instantly to my bank . . wait for it . . for a $10+ dollar FEE! WTF? I get it, network overhead, all those layoffs and downsizing to weather the bear market Bitcoin beatdown, still, the beauty of crypto is the super low trx fees and high velocity of money aspect so when you guys a$$ rape me for withdrawing my cash, at least buy me flowers ya cornholers.

Maybe I won't leave you for FTX or Binance "just yet" when I need to onramp / offramp some paper.

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So obvs we can scratch that FTX idea but sh!t man, Coinbse, guys, get it together. Those earnings suck and if you're balls deep in Bitty, holleee shiteballz are you getting rugged when the DXY pumps and Bitty gets shredded. I mean, I don't think your shares can go to zero and the fork I placed is kinda jokes, but maybe it's not. I hope you guys can stick around cuz other than local bitcoins, et. al. there's not much to choose from if we want to offramp into the green. C'mon, pull yourselves together eh?

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