There is a cure. The real reason why it is ignored.

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Recently someone has digged to find the virus probably started in a lab in Wuhan, and the CCP has tried covering their tracks.
Now it is my turn! Almost every one by now must have heard of a cure. And we are told that this problem is very serious and dangerous.
So why are we not hearing much of this cure, and why are politicians and the media criticizing it? I found out why ;)
First of all I read in a science magazine that a vaccine was ready to be mass produced, but I didn't look into that much, I haven't heard about it in the media except maybe FOX news (wonder why they absolutely dominate ratings and have far more viewers than cnn & msnbc combined).

In France you got this genius doctor, Didier Raoult, director of a big infectious disease research & treatment unit. Decorated, renowned worldwide and everything.
His team and him have tried antivirals - very well known antivirals that have been used for over half a century on billions of people - and have had spectacular results.
And other people that tried this had similar results. On 100% of trial patients. So, what are the odds this is all a coincidence? Very very low.
The world is on lockdown and we are said to be facing an emergency, and there is a cure that very likely works wonders. The skeptics that want more tests could have had thousands of tests by now, but haven't done anything like this!

This is suspicious. Why would so many be pushing back against this? When the top experts are telling you to just go for it and they swear it works.
Well I did my research and I think I found why. You might be shocked.

1- Didier Raoult has been called a "Trumpian that downplayed the virus". Ye apparently he said that a worldwide lockdown was medieval and unecessary. I don't know where the Trumpian comes from. Probably just that he's not part of their TDS club, and Trump has shown alot of interest in the cure.
Now, "downplaying the virus" is a complete taboo that sends emotional people into shock. From 0 care to Full Tin Foil hats.

2- This is it. AHEM!

Ah, yet another genius world class top scientist past 60 (so has nothing to lose) that is an *drum roll* evil climate denier.
Funny how many people in his shoes are part of this "3% of nut deniers".
I wonder who I would rather listen to:
- Eminent decorated astophysicists, microbiologists, meteorlogists, with 200 IQ that made huge leaps forward, and are climate skeptics
- A high school dropout, out of touch politicians that keep screeching "12 years left", celibrities that cannot solve an addition, and Bill Nye the science guy
Ye I really wonder who I would rather trust with my life and the future of humanity.

3- He has warned Africans against the dangers of "goodwill charity vaccines". The charitable west wants to use them as guinea pigs.
Talking about guinea, here is an article from Ghana (so LITERALLY tested as guinea humans):

Little remark on the side:
I think africans are starting to realize they got scammed when they chose socialism and in particular anti business laws.
Some european countries are qualified of socialist (france denmark sweden) idk if they are or not but what I know is they do not prevent business finance & markets operate well with no restriction.

In alot of african countries it is much harder to start and operate a business than it was in the soviet union.
Add to this competition from whites that want to feel better and send free goods "charity is good".
Add to this africans looking for jobs/money/a future climbing on boats to come to europe etc.
Some african countries have started to change and are more balanced now, some are going in the direction of the far right.

If Europe and NA have a depression they won't send charity there to clear their conscience, and africans won't migrate there as much, so without charity doing so much harm to africans, and with their most active youth still at home, the paradigm shift can only accelerate. There might be some far right (not much far left because I think they had it with the far left), there might be some genocides not much we can do about this unfortunatly, wars revolutions etc.
Rwanda already had their revolution & genocide (not saying it is a good thing) and started transitioning, and for the past years had close to 10% yearly GDP growth.
One of the highest in the world.

I've already talked about this. Might already be good investments there, idk if I can forgive rwanda myself.
When africa paradigm starts shifting, we will have there countries that are extremely undervalued.
In my eyes, the USA are already done. Things should deteriorate, and when there is blood in the street (either us indices down 75% or mega inflation), which should bring down foreign investments too, I expect some extremely cheap and solid companies abroad.

So anyway, now you know. A damn arrogant climate denier! And Trump has spoken positively of him! We can't have that!
I am glad and proud I have someone like this on my side, and the struggling low IQ prefrontal cortex deprived violently oppose us.
Would these TDS sufferers rather DIE than let a "climate denier woooooo" be the hero and get attention? We must make him look bad.
They say they care about lives. Doesn't look like it.


Another "controversial racist french":

It either came from people eating bats & snakes, or from the lab we all know it.


When Brainlets get sick ==> OMG PLEASE SAVE ME I BELIEVE IN YOU 100%

Nice advanced drug company thing we have in europe and na.
In Africa they use old cheap antivirals, in eu & na we discard old drugs and go for the new patented and expensive ones, and we're the ones with the highest death rates by far, much higher than countries that don't even have running water.

The idiotic woke culture toxic cloud coming from the US will kill us all, but there will be a war between morons and smart people before that actually.

All the big tech giants are pro woke, can anyone name more than 1 success they had? Can anyone name more than 1 success Ford & railway magnates & Rockefeller and so on had? Yep there's plenty.

But all the tech giant are complete retards that got lucky once. Even Bill Gates mr "too many people on earth" this so called genius super successful man stole 1 idea and started a monopoly wow what a beast, what about his other ventures? Collecting pictures on the internet XDDDDD Ye this worked wonderfully, I remember he was saying it would be the "next big thing" so he had to buy all the pictures he could. He's probably the brainlet that bought rare pepes xd
Jack from twitter. He was at the right time in the right place and was american. Apart from twitter what success did he have?

WW3 will be lit.
If you have not heard of Dean Takahashi, he is a game journalist that struggled to perform basic tasks in a game (cuphead) during a public display, the video (26 min) is available on youtube. He was even compared to a pigeon in an intelligence test and the pigeon solved the problem before he did.

It seems our good friend Dean Takahashi is a woke blue checkmark person.
Wow! Didn't see that coming.

Here is a recent article by him, ah our good subject of climate change. Ah the article starts with the picture of a polar bear on a small piece of ice to make it look like all melted and they have nowhere to go (which is absolutely idiotic and completely untrue). Polar bear populations greater than ever btw.
Wow didn't see that coming.

The divide in the US (and a bit the rest of the world) between 1 side and another is very wide and is widening.

What side do you want to be on?

The "climate chounge end of the world woke feminist hi Im bill the science guy there are 750 genders hi Im some random guy that started an internet site and got lucky" side that get outsmarted by a PIGEON.

Or the side of genius & rational Nobel prize, greatest physicist & virus expert in the world, proven investors & speculators that didn't just get lucky once?

Pick your side carefully. Who is more likely to win in a war?

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