Another mass hysteria to look at.
On this chart I took the sum of coronavirus new cases in GB + France + Italy + Germany + Spain + Portugal + The Netherlands.

A reminder, I posted the idea "Virus spread/Bacteria poluation/Ponzi scheme lifecycle" March 20th, as we were near the top of the Log Growth phase and everyone was panicking.

As you can see the stationary phase lasted from the 27 March to 16 April.
In my idea I posted a stationary phase going from the 30 March to the 17 April.

This time was not different, and the entire situation was painfully simple to predict.

"More than 50 million will die" I laughed hysterically at this idiotic nonsense 2 months ago, and today, I still laugh.
I got violently and heinously criticized, and I was right. Again.
I refuse to give attention to these people. I refuse to debate with people which expertise level is so far below my own.

I also got called a perma bear alot . "The EU will never break apart" We'll see about that. "Europe will always be free", that one aged well.
If we learned something it is that when the mindless herd becomes afraid, OUR liberties, for all of us, not just the dumb scared people, can fade away more rapidly than we can run away to another country.

Whatever the consequences of this event are, this period will enter history as just another mass hysteria, a new entry to the list of "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds".

We have also witnessed absolute cretins fight for toilet paper, disgusting parasites try to profit from the situation by hoarding goods.
And of course we have seen how "for the people" far left politicians instantly turned to complete NAZIS. Wow! Didn't see that coming right?
"We're the good guys". I kept repeating how evil and dangerous they were, and how they'd go really bad at the first chance! Proven right once again!

While we're at it, still the same view of BTC

We can look at other places curve. Turkey is situated at 35-40°N and have similar flu seasons to west europe.
The average flu or common cold seasons per country exists, but good luck finding it on the internet (I stumbled on it a few weeks ago).

Depends when their flu season is, depends when they got hit...

India is going to get rekt.
I know there is data for rhinovirus, coronavirus, influenza virus seasonality , it's just impossible to find because no one is interested.

India has one of the most expensive stock markets and is full of ponzis and gamblers.

Lmao I find it hilarous that India is crashing its own economy with a lockdown when they have rabbies ( aka the zombie apocalypse) and corpses lying around or floating in rivers with no animals to clean up, and dump chemicals and feces in the Ganje, and have huge flu numbers every year and no one cares, people there don't even vaccinate they can't be bothered 😆
But let's shut down the country because "your papaya has covid quick declare national emergency" communist scheming WHO said to.
There is so much bad hygiene in India man, they have all kinds of parasites and viruses, the situation is so bad I think soon they'll have aliens.

This is too much. How will history look at this period? This must be by far one of the dumbest periods in history.
And go figure, it's the one where people think they're so smart and so advance and "muh science".
Comment: According to Jason Abramowitz, MD at ENT & Allergy Associates.

"During the colder months, people are indoors more, which leads to more indoor contact and spreading of germs,"

Oh how I wish this is true and gets proven.
I am eager. I will personally humiliate every clown that thought total lockdown was a good idea and criticized people with common sense. Can't wait.


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another lens to look at this: I call this half way pattern....that means we have another upleg as we complete the half way pattern in usa at least where many dont wear masks....
MrRenev BlockchainYahoo
@BlockchainYahoo, The US is absolutely massive, their curve is just going to be a dirty composite of all sorts of curves. NY Pennsylvania & Illionois are I think the most touched states, for now, all in the NE, all with a Paris-London weather.
I think some areas just got started and lockdowns absolutely changed nothing to the chart, like india all closed and they still entered the log growth and it's still going up.
In middle ages global quarantine never worked (quarantining the sick did work), why would it work now? Because we are so much smarter? Haha.
So anyway I guess I agree with you, on average we might be halfway.