Charting COVID-19 on Tradingview to Be More Informed

The chart you see here shows confirmed COVID-19 cases for several countries ranging from the US to China, Japan, Germany, and Italy. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a global problem and there’s no need for us at TradingView to tell you just how serious it is. In response to the ongoing global health crisis affecting millions of people worldwide in over 150 countries, we are working on a number of ways to show the extent of the emergency through data visualization. We’re all waiting for the bearish trend on this one.

You will now be able to add COVID-19 stats (both global and for a specific country) right on our platform and manipulate the data how you like. For example, you’ll be able to plot the rate of infection in America against the S&P 500 Index .

You can find all the symbols related to the virus outbreak if you start typing COVID19: into the symbol search bar. These include the number of confirmed cases, people who have recovered and deaths for each country, plus the total number of all case types across the world.

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so you say its bullish?
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Zimgol RobGee
@RobGee, It's obviously a false break. I favor the bears to bring this back to equilibrium
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RobGee Zimgol
@Zimgol, hopefully its a "sad elephant pattern"
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@RobGee, it's bubble :))
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Can you plot the same for daily increases as opposed to cumulative? Then indicators like MACD could be applied.
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icostan Trendymanners
@Trendymanners, I created two indicators for daily charge and daily momentum/rate of change


@icostan, Thank you for this.
@UnknownUnicorn305 is there any plan to add more data? like number of tests per each country? it will be very interesting to see a "tests' yield" (number of confirmed cases / number of tests). Thank you!!!
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There are too much information on the another traders charts. You have so clear ideas.