$COTI/BTC 1D (Binance Spot) Falling wedge breakout

Currency Of The Internet has broken-out bullish and looks good for continuation, maybe after a 50MA retest!

Current Price= 0.00000740
Buy Entry= 0.00000708 - 0.00000666
Take Profit= 0.00000910 | 0.00001212 | 0.00001681
Stop Loss= 0.00000538

Risk/Reward= 1:1.5 | 1:3.52 | 1:6.67
Expected Profit= +32.46% | +76.42% | +144.69%
Possible Loss= -21.69%

Fib. Retracement= 0.786 | 1.272 | 2
Margin Leverage= 1x
Estimated Gain-time= 2.5 months
Trade closed: target reached: TP1 would have been reached with +32.46%

CurrencyOfTheInternet pumped as expected, unfortunately PC bot missed entry by 17 sats...
I hope some of you managed to enter manually anyway, if not you know what to do: wait for a pull-back!

Trade closed: stop reached: SL hit with -21.69% (1x) and -1R

CurrencyOfTheInternet pulled back too hard and is back inside the wedge.
We avoided being stopped on those wicks down but now it's time to take a loss here!

Always manage risk accordingly and respect leverage!

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